serenade wire wrapped earrings

serenade, originally uploaded by ColettesBoutique.

This design is one of my all time favorite! I love the blueish-grey color of the patina. I love working with wire and these earrings were my first attempt at creating this style of jewelery and I was pleasantly surprised  with the results. I was not expecting anything; Just playing with some scrap wire to see what I could come up with, and actually created something useful and stylish. What a way to recycle! I have actually been contacted by a magazine because they wanted to feature these earrings. Imagine my excitement. To create these earrings I used sterling silver, but I think Fine silver will work even better because it is so soft and therefore easier to bend and shape.

           On a different note, I think my 8 years old daughter is on a way to becoming a bead/jewelry addict too… The other day, she told me she was making a bracelet and also wanted some new earrings… what can I say, she is a girl. She is also always sneaking around and trying to play with my beads. She calls some of my beads diamond 🙂 I wish they were real diamond