Abissa Hoops earrings

Abissa Hoops earrings, originally uploaded by ColettesBoutique.

I recently made these earrings using copper sheet and a little bit of sterling silver. I just love the way it came out. the copper has been oxydised so it beautifully contrasts with the coiled sterling silver strip. I also love the different textures. They are kind of bold ( 1.5″ x 1.24″).

Is it back to school yet where you live?

Back To School?!, originally uploaded by Aartje_S.

Late august and september is marked by schools opening again. That means the end of summer. My daughter actually went back to school a few weeks back, and the first day were kind of exciting after the long break. With new clothes and school supplies. I tried to buy things in the colors she likes, with fun graphics etc. I saw this picture of pencills on flickr and they are so beautiful. Do they make you want to go back to school. They sure make a beautiful and colorful impact. They willl definitely brighten the school days.