New Earrings with beautiful amethyst coins

I bought a few pink amethyst, (also called Rose de France amethyst) coin beads a while back and I have been looking forward to creating something special with them I finally had time to seat down and create something with these wonderful earrings. Note that Rose de France amethyst is a member of the amethyst family of gemstones and is characterised by a light shade of the purple. The color is reminiscent of a lavender/lilac shade.  So, I created a bracelet and a pair of earrings. The beads are so beautiful, I just wanted to showcase them, so just added a cluster of beads: That was the easy part 🙂
Taking a beautiful photograph to showcase the beauty of the bead was another story.  I tried different kind of background, before deciding that a reflective black surface was the best. However photographing on a black reflective surface is not an easy task, but after many, many tries and multiple camera setting changes, I was able to get a decent picture.  At last, my efforts paid off, and I am pleased with the picture I got. While it was not easy taking this kind of picture, I look forward to the challenge with the next piece I create.
The best tip I can give about photographing jewelry on a dark surface is to of course first turn the flash off, then lower the exposure. How low you go will depend with the type of camera you have. You will just need to experiment!


5 thoughts on “New Earrings with beautiful amethyst coins

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