Our homes to yours

Meet fellow handmade artists Debbi and Amanda, a talented mother/daughter team working together to create handmade beauties that you can see in the their shop. Amanda is a talented graphic designer, and her mom Debbi is a proud grandma who has the best of both world. She gets to do what she likes while spending time with her family. Check out these items from their store.

Featured Artist Dahlish knits

 Meet Gina of  Dahlishknits; She is a mother of two but she finds time to create the most  and fun adorable things. Just visit her shop and you will find some fun, cuddly knitted toys. You may also follow her blog to keep up with her. Below are a few of her items.
Love these cute baby booties 🙂

                                                                      These look so soft and cuddly!

Making the best of it

Meet the dynamic duo behind the Handmade artist forum and  Handmade Artists’Shop: Kimberly and Andrew: With 2 active young children, they both find time to work tirelessly on both sites as well as create a variety of wonderful handcrafted items. Kimberly is a multi talented artist; jewelry designer, glass painting artist to only name a few. Andrew also finds the time to create chainmaille jewelry as well as maintaining and promoting both websites. Below are a few of the wonderful items created by Andrew and Kimberly. You can check out their creations on their websites: Makin’ the best of it and chaimaille by MBOI. You may also visit the forum and HAF Shop. You’ll be amazed.

Featured artist Rasmussen gems

John Atwell Rasmussen and his wife Debora have a shop full of beautiful items that will captivate your attention. From gorgeous gems to beautiful jewelry, browsing their shop is a feast for the eyes.
Below are only a few of my favorites. make sure to visit their shop for more.

This gorgeous topaz make me dream of the possibilities.

Love this Lemon quartz too… Just yummy!

How about a wire wrapped pendant