Basic wire wrapping tools

I am starting a series on the basics of wire wrapping where I will be discussing basic wire wrapping techniques and wire wrapping tools  tools. So, if you have decided to venture into wire wrapping, and would like to be able to start working with minimal investement. The good news is that you don’t need a whole lot of tools to start working with wire. So let’s get started with the few tools you will need at first.

A flush cutter or even regular cutter to help you cut the amount of wire needed. A flush cutter is nice because it will reduce the amount of filing you need to do after cutting your wire. You don’t need to run out and buy the most expensive one. Just buy a reasonably priced one at your local bead store and start working with that. Later on, if you want to invest in a more expensive one you can do so.

A chain nose pliers. This type of pliers has long fine jaws that are ideal for reaching into confined area. One with smooth jaws ( instead of serrated) is better, since it will not mar your wire.

Round nose pliers

As the name suggests, these pliers have round, long and tapered jaws that will help you create loops, curves and swirls with your wire.

A metal file will be really useful. It will be use to file the wire and remove any burs resulting from cutting etc.. You can buy a metal file by visiting your local hardware store.

A ruler or type of measuring device to help you measure the length of wire needed.
With these few very basic tools, you will be all ready to start wire wrapping and enjoy the experience without investing a fortune in tools. Of course, if you’re into buying more tools, there’s always something you “need” πŸ™‚


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