10 day challenge – 9 loves

A forum friend  (Yankee Burrow Creations ) told us about a 10 day challenge on BlogLoveTherapy, and I really liked the idea. So I decided to jump on the bandwagon as well, even if I am a little bit late. So instead of 10 days, I will the doing it once a week as well and today’s post will be about 9 things I love, in no particular order. So here we go.

I love love chocolate! can’t resists it, it must be eaten, can’t stop thinking about it when it’s around. I especially chocolate with hazelnuts! Yum!

I love my family!! they are in my thought every single day. Can’t imaging my life without my children, and  I thank god for them every single day.

I love God and praise him every single day for my journey on this earth.

I love baking and cooking! I just enjoy that creative process

I love being creative in many ways. Just love making and fixing things; I can’t help it.

I love dancing and having fun.

I love to be active and exercise. I feel like something’s missing when I am not active. Can’t stand it.

I love my friends and sisters. Life would be really tough without sisters and friends around.

I love traveling and discovering other cultures and I hope to be doing more of this in the very near future.

I love reading, although with children around I haven’t been able to do much of that lately. I compensate by reading short stories.
There you have it; that’s more than 9, but a little extra does not hurt 😉  What are some of the things you love.

Another necklace in Copper

I am loving using and experimenting with copper, especially since it is affordable. Here’s another necklace I created. The stone is a fancy Jasper. I love fancy jasper, the colors and hues are just gorgeous. I paired this jasper with some copper and sterling silver beads and I am quite pleased with the results. More to come definitely. I am planning on exploring more the possibilities of this design. I have a lot of ideas already.