What’s your favorite type of jewelry to wear?

For me, hands down earrings are my favorite type of jewelry to wear. For me, earrings are the most basic type of jewelry / accessory to wear. I don’t know why, but I feel kind of “naked” without my earrings. I could be wearing zero jewelry, but I need my earrings. Here’s a list of reasons why I like wearing earrings.

·     They are easy and quick to put on.
·         They can quickly change your look.
·         You can make a statement quickly with a nice pair of earrings.
·         You can change your look instantly with the type of earrings  

  you wear.
·         They don’t cost much, depending on what material you’re looking for J. So with little money, you can get a great pair of earrings.
·         They draw attention to your face. They are often the first piece of jewelry to be noticed.
·         I can make them quickly to go with any outfit, or the look I am going for.
So, what’s your favorite type of jewelry you like to wear and why?

  Here are some of my favorite pair of earrings.

   Of course my Serenade earrings!

Rain drops earrings                    

Spring is here

Well, at least for some people lol… Anyway, spring is one of my favorite season, because of the mellow weather, the blooming trees, the flowers and anything in between. How nice is it to finally be able to go outside without being all bundled up and cold or freezing. One other thing I love about spring is being able to start a vegetable garden, although this year I am only doing flowers, herbs and a couple of potted cherry tomatoes; I am taking the easy route… Anyway, do you love Spring too? or what’s your favorite season and why?  Here are a few photos of some spring sceneries.

April’s Birthstone: The diamond

Like they say, the diamond is a girl’s best friend. Why? I don’t know, but what I do know is that the diamond is many people’s best friend. In fact, I think many people(male included) would love to be best friend with the diamond. Anyway, I digress…
This month’s birthstone is the Diamond! Diamonds seem to be the preferred gem to be gifted to a loved one. Diamond are usually transparent in color, but there are some fancy colored diamonds as well. Colored diamonds are rare and may be intense in color, and more expensive. Of course, they are color treated diamonds, so if you’re looking for a naturally colored diamond, make sure to ask about any enhancements before purchasing. So Happy Birthday to all the April ladies and gentlemen, or should I say the diamond gals and pals lol… So what’s your birthstone? if you don’t know you can check  it out here.

Woohoo My earrings featured in Wirework Magazine

One of my favorite pair of earring is feature in the Spring 2013 issue of Wirework Magazine. This is the third time one my project is featured in a magazine, but each time it’s a wonderful experience!! I am truly excited. This is a pair of earring that I wear a lot!, and I mean a lot… like at least 3 times a week. So I am really excited. Take a look! You can also check them out on my website

Picture of the magazine. Check out page 27
Self taken pictures of the pair I am currently wearing 🙂

What’s your birthstone?

Mine is Aquamarine, and I happen to loooooove blue 🙂
January: Garnet 
— Red, darkish-brown, violet-red, pale yellow-orange, orange, orange-red, transparent orange-brown, translucent green, and bright green (most valued). Though the mineral garnet is common, garnets that possess the qualities required of a gem are rare.

February: Amethyst 
— Mostly purple, can sometimes be a bluish-violet color
Amethyst is usually found in pointed crystals containing six sides. Iron and manganese are believed to be the reasoning behind the purple color.

March: Aquamarine 
— Mostly Blue
Aquamarine is a transparent gem that is a bluish-green color. The name aquamarine came from the Latin word meaning “sea”.

April: Diamond 
— Usually transparent in color, sometimes can be blue
Diamonds are the hardest of the gemstones, as it is the hardest natural mineral.  Diamonds consist of almost pure carbon and because of this, will not dissolve in acid.  It can however, be destroyed if placed in extreme heat.
May: Emerald
— Green in color
Possessing a big, perfect emerald can hold almost as much value as possessing a small diamond.  Emeralds have 6 sides, and typically come from Colombia.

June: Pearl 
— Usually white in color
Nacre  is what makes a pearl. If an oyster or mollusk that produces nacre comes into contact with a particle, the oyster or mollusk will cover the particle with nacre.  The particle is them trapped covered with the nacre forming a sphere and essentially a pearl.

July: Ruby
— Usually Red in color
Rubies are the rarest gemstones.  Rubies are usually given as wedding anniversary gifts, as it is the symbol for the fortieth wedding anniversary.

August: Peridot
— Mostly green in color
The mineral olivine usually produces this gemstone.  Peridot is one of the oldest gemstones as it has known and valued since biblical times.

September: Sapphire 
— Any Color, but mostly blue. A large sapphire will be almost as valuable as a small diamond.  Star sapphires are the most valuable sapphires, and are named star sapphires because of the way they reflect light almost like stars.

October: Opal 
— Any, Mostly white
New South Wales, Australia produces the most valuable opals, which are the glowing black opals. If held for an extended period of time in dry air, an opal will crack.

November: Topaz 
— From yellow in color to light brown to pinkish red color
Topaz is another transparent gemstone and is a hard gem as well.  Most topazes will be white or blue in color. Topaz is often sold in very large stones, and has been known to come in thousands of carats.  Topaz is a much harder and more luminous gemstone than quartz.

December: Turquoise
— Bluish-green, sometimes changes in color
Turquoise is a brightly colored gemstone that is very popular among the Navajo designed jewelry.  Turquoise is of high value in the Navajo culture because the gem is believed to bring the people closer to their Gods and also to protect them from harm.  In ancient Aztec culture, they showed their rank by wearing turquoise. Turquoise comes in a variety of colors, though turquoise that is sky-blue in color is the most valuable.

What are the craft tools you cannot live without?

   I have quite a few jewelry tools, but there are some that I always have handy for any wire wrapping project. I have a small bag where I carry the “essentials”, and those are my flush cutters, round nose pliers, flat nose pliers and a metal file. Working with wire, I find that these are the ones that I am constantly using, so I always have them handy. If I have to go somewhere and want to take a wire jewelry project with me, all I have to do is grab my bag and I know I have the tools I need for any wire project. I almost forgot to mention that I also have a 6 inch ruler in my bag for measuring. It’s really handy: It’s a very flat ruler, not too big and can fit anywhere. I sometimes used it as a bookmark; talk about multi use lol…anyway, I am disgressing…. and finally, the most important tools are my hands. So there you have it. What are the jewelry tools you cannot live without? Please share

My Trusty Ruler 

My round nose pliers

Spring is finally here

So Spring decided to finally show up at last!!! I am so happy to see the warmer weather. Couldn’t wait to ditch my coats and scarves and trade them for something, let’s say more “springy” 🙂 and go outside to enjoy the sun and nice weather, plant some flowers, vegetables and herbs and also having a barbecue as often as I can I am planning on taking advantage of every single day. This year, I am not planning on having a big vegetable garden like I did a couple of years ago. It’s a lot of work, and I am just feeling too lazy to take it on. so instead I am planting some herbs on a pot and probably a few potted tomatoes and peppers, and that’s it.
       So what are your plans for Spring? Do you have any special craft project for Spring?