What is your favorite jewelry prop?

Lately mine has been a starfish ,seashells or a river rock placed on a neutral background. Either white or grey. I like to keep the background simple and clutter free, so I try to stay away from bold patterns that would detract from my jewelry. I like the jewelry to be the centerpiece. I feel like the seashell or starfish give some contrast to the whole picture: Shiny against matte, and it also feels very serene and relaxed to me, maybe because it evokes the beach :-).
Occasionally, I will also go for the dramatic effect and use a black reflective surface, but this type of photography is really hard for a non expert like me, but I do love it when I am able to pull it off. It’s really stunning. anyway, here are a few pictures.


6 thoughts on “What is your favorite jewelry prop?

  1. I agree with Debbi, I do like the black, but I am such a novice photographer that I always get a photo with little flecks of dust in the picture. The starfish looks awesome. I tried with a crab once and it was just too much color for the jewelry. Great photos and article.

  2. It's so hard to photograph on a black background, and the tiniest fleck of dust will show up glaringly when using the macro. I've learned to use a lint roller and a brush to clean the surface thoroughly before any shoot on a black background.

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