What are the craft tools you cannot live without?

   I have quite a few jewelry tools, but there are some that I always have handy for any wire wrapping project. I have a small bag where I carry the “essentials”, and those are my flush cutters, round nose pliers, flat nose pliers and a metal file. Working with wire, I find that these are the ones that I am constantly using, so I always have them handy. If I have to go somewhere and want to take a wire jewelry project with me, all I have to do is grab my bag and I know I have the tools I need for any wire project. I almost forgot to mention that I also have a 6 inch ruler in my bag for measuring. It’s really handy: It’s a very flat ruler, not too big and can fit anywhere. I sometimes used it as a bookmark; talk about multi use lol…anyway, I am disgressing…. and finally, the most important tools are my hands. So there you have it. What are the jewelry tools you cannot live without? Please share

My Trusty Ruler 

My round nose pliers

2 thoughts on “What are the craft tools you cannot live without?

  1. As i am a felter and dyer not a metalsmith I don't know if i can add much here..but I did make some felted jewelry needing wires and bending a bit a number of years ago I have kept the plierst and another tool though and find other uses for them! And I just looked at some more of your posts and understand that metalsmith jewelry is very much "one of a kind"

  2. Thank you for stopping By Ginny. I focused on jewelry tools because these are the ones I used, but you are welcomed to list any favorite tools you used for your craft. I am very interested in knowing about all kind of tools. Thank you for looking around my blog :-), and yes indeed metalsmith jewelry is very much "one of a kind"

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