April’s Birthstone: The diamond

Like they say, the diamond is a girl’s best friend. Why? I don’t know, but what I do know is that the diamond is many people’s best friend. In fact, I think many people(male included) would love to be best friend with the diamond. Anyway, I digress…
This month’s birthstone is the Diamond! Diamonds seem to be the preferred gem to be gifted to a loved one. Diamond are usually transparent in color, but there are some fancy colored diamonds as well. Colored diamonds are rare and may be intense in color, and more expensive. Of course, they are color treated diamonds, so if you’re looking for a naturally colored diamond, make sure to ask about any enhancements before purchasing. So Happy Birthday to all the April ladies and gentlemen, or should I say the diamond gals and pals lol… So what’s your birthstone? if you don’t know you can check  it out here.


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