A spring highllight / Feature

 Spring is here; well sort of lol…So it is time to feature some beautiful creations with the Spring spirit.I have picked a couple of items from some very talented artists to showcase here. Some colors remind me of spring, and sometimes there are pieces of jewelry that I would love to wear during the seasons. Below are some of my favorites.

This beautiful seaglass necklace is from Making the Best of it.
I just love the soothing colors and weathered look of sea glass, and this necklace is just elegant, and of course it reminds me of the beach.
My second selection is this gorgeous round maille bracelet by Chainmaille by MBOI  I just love this bracelet. I feel like it is a unisex bracelet! it can be worn by either a man or a woman, and the shiny silver make it even more appealing to me.
In keeping with the theme, I selected this Aquafrost necklace from my website as well. Although it is a frosted glass pendant, it has the same feel as the first selection. So these are my spring selection, and I think it would perfectly compliment any outfit for the season. So do you wear different type of jewelry for each  season? 

8 thoughts on “A spring highllight / Feature

  1. Great post Colette! Everything you picked to feature is beautiful. I pretty much wear my jewelry in all the different seasons. I just pick what looks best with what I'm wearing. Your aquafrost pendant necklace is beautiful and would go with everything.

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