Fashionably Feathered…

I just love these pictures, so I am sharing. They are just so beautiful and artistic !!!

Pride in Photos




These Fashionably Feathered Friends are just too cute!

Tip of the Day for Bloggers/Photographers:

A Point and Shoot Camera is STILL a Camera!!

You can still get some amazing shots with a point and shoot.

Case in point…these images were shot with a point and shoot with a zoom lens.

The rainy season is now upon us and I didn’t want to take the chance for the expensive equipment to get wet.
So what is a girl to do…bring her point and shoot right?!

Remember YOU are the one creating the photo…NOT the camera.

Hope you are having a great week!

P.S.  We are going to see Little Man in a few weeks! So you know who will be showing up here…very soon♥

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Independence day feature

So independence day is coming soon, so I am featuring a few artists from the Handmade artists forum. What better colors to use that red, white and blue for this independence day  day feature.

Love this adorable headband 🙂


Meet fabulous buckskin and beadwork artists  Debbie and John from thunderroseleather They have been working with leather and beads for over 20 years now. Check out a few of their pieces!

These white leather bags are super cute!! you can check them out here and here

indp01  indp02

and another fabulous fringed bag


A red necklace to finish it off


Summer Vacation

It’s summer and what a perfect time to take a vacation. Here a collection of beautiful finds that remind me of summer and/or a vacation. Hope you enjoy them.

Let’s start with this summer Amethyst necklace


Love these ocean votives! I feel relaxed already 🙂Image

Love the colors of these earrings.Image

These colorful coasters remind me of summer as well.Image

Love this rose photography. It’ is just gorgeousImage 

I just love the color of this bracelet. It is so vibrant and bold!!Image

June’s Birthstones


pearls have been used for centuries around the world; They are the only gems from a living creature, and they require no additional polishing in order to reveal their beauty. Natural Pearls can be extremely expensive, but with the introduction of cultured pearls, there are many cheaper alternative now.


Alexandrite has a lovely green color, and often changes color with incandescent light. It’s quite rare, so there are a lot of man made alternatives that mimic the same properties as the Alexandrite.


The third birthstone for June is the Moonstone. Moonstone often come in a variety of colors such as blue, champagne,green, peach etc. I just love the creamy color of the moonstone.

I did not realized that the month of June had 3 birthstones: Pearl, Alexandrite and moonstone. Did you know that June had multiple birthstones?

Artist Feature – The Alchemists Vessel

So, this week’s artist feature from the HAF forum is Alix from The Alchemists Vessel and the theme for this week is Vacation. Who doesn’t need a vacation?  So I have selected a few pieces that remind me of the sea. Anything that remind me of the sea make me think about a relaxing vacation at the beach. First, let’s start with this watch to remind you it’s time for a vacation 🙂

This Bracelet is just airy and elegant.

 I love this two tone bracelet. The contrast in colors is beautiful

and to finish it off, this elegant ring, just to make a statement.

Sedona: A reversible necklace

Today, I feature a necklace that I created a while back. I love the simplicity of it. In addition it is reversible. You can choose which side to wear depending on your mood. I just love the color of the magnesite disk. The necklace is listed here
So which side of the pendant do you prefer? 

Blog ring feature: Peace

So, I am participating in a blog ring on the HAF forum and the theme for this week is peace. So I am featuring a collection that is all about peace  and love. It’s a beautiful collection that highlight many talented artists. Take a look for yourself.

You can check out this collection here. It’s full of beautiful items which all remind me of peace and love.
Next up, I have this beautiful selection of stacked rings. They bring to mind a notion of  infinity and peace, and I love the beautiful simplicity. These rings were created by talented artist The Alchemists Vessel