June’s Birthstones


pearls have been used for centuries around the world; They are the only gems from a living creature, and they require no additional polishing in order to reveal their beauty. Natural Pearls can be extremely expensive, but with the introduction of cultured pearls, there are many cheaper alternative now.


Alexandrite has a lovely green color, and often changes color with incandescent light. It’s quite rare, so there are a lot of man made alternatives that mimic the same properties as the Alexandrite.


The third birthstone for June is the Moonstone. Moonstone often come in a variety of colors such as blue, champagne,green, peach etc. I just love the creamy color of the moonstone.

I did not realized that the month of June had 3 birthstones: Pearl, Alexandrite and moonstone. Did you know that June had multiple birthstones?


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