Ear wires tutorial

 A quick tutorial to show you how to make your own ear wires.


Cut a 1.5 inch of 20 gauge wire ( I am using copper here). File one end and make a small loop using the tip of your round nose pliers.167

Position your wire in the widest part of your round nose pliers, and going the opposite direction of the small loop, bring the wire around to form a hook.179

This is what your wire now looks like169

Using your flush cutters, cut the tip of the ear wire at a 45 degree angle, so that the tip is really pointy and sharp.  Use you metal file to smooth the tip and the rough edges of the cut. After filing, the tip should not be sharp anymore, but slender enough to easily glide into the ear. 172

Using the widest part of your round nose pliers, grab the tip of the ear wire and slightly curve it outward. Lightly hammer the big hoop of the ear wire to harden. Repeat the steps above to create a second ear wire, and you’re ready to use them.175Tip: You can use half hard wire or soft wire to make your ear wire. If using half hard wire, you will not need to harden the wire, but if you use soft wire, you will need to harden your ear wire by lightly hammering or by using a tumbler, or a combination of both.

Hope you like it. Sharing with Serenity now


2 thoughts on “Ear wires tutorial

    • Thanks for the comment Debbi. I’ve never had the wire bend out of shape. Hammering wil harden the wire. You can also use a tumbler to further harden you ear wire.

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