A new pendant tutorial

This is a tutorial that I recently released. It is wire wrapped in various gauges of copper wire.  After finishing the pendant, I gave it an antique look. The bead is fancy jasper. I love this stone. I have been working in copper a lot recently because it is quite affordable, especially when experimenting with a design. Silver is so expensive now, that I only use it for designs that I have already experimented on. I don’t want to wast any of it 🙂 . You can purchase the tutorial herethalia_tutethalia_tute_02thalia_tute_03thalia_tute_04thalia_tute_05

Editing my jewelry pictures

Taking picture of items to be sold online seems like an easy enough task, but it is really time-consuming. When taking pictures of my jewelry, I make sure I take a lot of pictures, and I mean a lot. I just want to make sure I have a vast selection to choose from, and I also want pictures from various angles. So I usually take the pictures in various positions and with different backgrounds: a white background and a grey one. I check the pictures on the lcd monitor to see how they look. Sometimes, I find that the white background looks better or vice versa. In that case, I just stick with the background that looks better. I adjust my camera settings and try to take the best possible picture, with the best lighting I can have. I want to make sure that I have a great picture from the get go. This way, I don’t need to do a lot of work after I have taken the pictures.

After I am done taking the pictures, I import them into my computer, and then comes Photoshop. In Photoshop, I created a routine to automate the cropping and anything else I would like to be done. I have so many pictures, that I don’t want to spend my time working on all of  them individually. I usually crop my pictures to the same size, and since I have a lot of them, it is easier to automate this task. It makes my life easier. The routine I created includes cropping the pictures ,sharpening the image and saving in a specific folder. So I sit back and relax until the job is done, then I look at all the pictures and select the best one to upload to my website. Below are a before and after photo. There is not a huge difference between the 2, because like I said, I try to start with a great picture and do some minimal tweaking.

Before before

After after

How did I start making jewelry?


All my life I have been into doing things myself. Anything I saw that seems simple enough to do myself, I tried to do it. Sometimes I was successful, and sometimes not so much. I love cooking,baking ( been doing that from a very young age), crochet, sewing, even doing home improvement projects. In one word creating things is something I enjoy very much, it is a passion. Making Jewelry totally came as an accident; At the time, I had been laid of, so I had a lot of time on my hands. So one day, I was watching a craft show where a lady was demonstrating how to quickly make a pair of earrings. I told myself, hey I can completely do that!! I love earrings, so I thought it would be great to make myself a few pairs for whatever occasion. I did not realized it was the beginning of another “addiction” 🙂

That was back in 2004, and 8 years later, I am still enjoying making jewelry.  serenade_original

chantilly renaissance-bracelet

All of these can be found on my website.

So, are you a crafter? What kind of craft and since when have you been doing it?

Peridot: Birthstone of august


The Peridot gemstone is a beautiful olive green color. It is one of the few gemstones that develop in only one color: green. The intensity or shade of green depends on the iron content on the stone; therefore the color can vary from yellow green to deep green. Peridot is believe to have healing and magical properties and bring power to whoever is wearing it.Most peridots in the US come from Arizona; however China, Myanmar and Pakistan also have peridot. Happy birthday to all people born in August!!