November birthstones: Topaz and citrine


Citrine ѕуmbolіzeѕ strength and hope.
Citrine is closely related to amethyst.
Citrine comes in yellow and orange colors.

nov birth

From yellow in color to light brown to pinkish red color Topaz is another transparent gemstone and is a hard gem as well. Most topazes will be white or blue in color. Topaz is often sold in very large stones, and has been known to come in thousands of carats. Topaz is a much harder and more luminous gemstone than quartz.

New wire studs earrings

These studs earrings are tiny, but they take quite some time to make. For those who don’t like dangle earrings , this is just the perfect choice. This is a remake of an old designed. I created them with my cousin in mind. She looooves stud earrings, so I often make these for her.

Mulberry stud earrings