About Colette

I am a mother of 2, IT professional who enjoy making things with my own two hands :-). Besides jewelry making, which I started back in 2004. I also enjoy other type of crafts such as crochet( which I started in the 3rd grade) and sewing. I generally enjoy creating things by hand. It just brings me a lot of joy and pleasure. Visit my website at: http://www.colettecollection.com

Cluster dangles earrings

Do you love earrings like me? I love earrings, anything that dangles, chandelier style earrings. If I need to choose a single piece of jewelry that I have to wear everyday, that would be earrings. For some reasons, I feel naked without them. The earrings shown below are one of my favorite. Adorned with sparkly crystal beads and a cluster of crystals dangling from the bottom. You can create them using this tutorial.




Silver pendant


This pendant is just simple and elegant. Made of sterling silver, it is perfect for a professional look or even for people who like silver or don’t want too much color. It perfect for any occasion because it is understated but chic at the same time.

Rain drops wire wrapped earrings


Making these earrings was a fun project. I had some tear drop glass beads and decided to frost them because I like the look of frosted glass. I also created a little sterling silver component and added the bead for this little dangling beauty. I think these are just simple and elegant, and of course I love blue so I think they are just beautiful! The earrings are not too long. Just about 1.4 inch (35 mm) long.



Love blue!


I just love blue! different shades of blue, so I couldn’t resist when I saw this gorgeous London blue topaz stone. I had to have it. I wrapped it in sterling silver, in a style that just showcases the beauty of the stone without covering too much and I just love the results. I think the blue and silver complement each other really well.