Love blue!


I just love blue! different shades of blue, so I couldn’t resist when I saw this gorgeous┬áLondon blue topaz stone. I had to have it. I wrapped it in sterling silver, in a style that just showcases the beauty of the stone without covering too much and I just love the results. I think the blue and silver complement each other really well.


July birthstone is the Ruby


The birthstone for the Ruby. Except for the Diamond, Ruby is harder than any other gemstone. So it is very durable. Ruby is a pretty rare stone with a beautiful vibrant red color. Ruby is believed to bring wealth, wisdom, success in love, so it is the stone of love ­čÖé┬áI just love the vibrant color of Ruby. It just catches my eyes immediately.
So, what is your birthstone? and do you like rubies?

ruby3 ruby2